Monday, September 19, 2011

What happened to Summer??

So as you may (or may not!) have noticed I haven't posted one single blog since Tuckers birthday back in June.  But Mammo you say, what have you been doing?  Why haven't you found any time to blog?  Well, in the interest of saving my fingers I thought I would show everyone what I've been up to!

Our vacation this year!  We went to the Oregon coast aquarium, camped out in a yurt, and went for a ride on the Rogue Jet boats!  We had a glorious time!
For me the best part of the vacation was the trip back.  I yelled for Demian to stop and took the kids through a dino park that my grandparents had taken me to as a kid.  I loved sharing a piece of my past with my kids.

Aiden boy as baseball player.  He had the best year playing that he has had so far.  I was so proud of him, and his coach thought he was so good he asked him to request his team next year!
Aiden's team took 3rd place in his world series!
At the end of the year BBQ the dad's took on the boys.  Demian did a bit of cheating when he stepped on Aiden's flip-flop  so he couldn't steal home.

The biggest news of the summer?  Demian got his masters degree and found an awesome job right up the street!  I am so proud of him.
Our baby chicks arrive! 

We spent a lot of time in the park this summer with Jenny and kids.  On this day a bird decided to show Jenny what it thought of her /snicker

Shanna and Logan come to stay over and we cooked marshmallows on the grill outside.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to play games.  This is LEGO Mousetrap.  We had to build it and then got to play it.  It was fun!

We spent the 4th at Fern Ridge Lake.

Dan and Peggy invited us to watch the fireworks with them.

This is what happened after Seri walked off the side of the boat marina and I went in after her.  All in a day's work parenting the Sauce!

Samantha passing her outdoor riding test with her horse Donya. She has come so far with her riding this summer that Linda has started her riding her stud horse.

Nefertiti guarding Seri at nap time.

Seri and Daddo playing with Seri's chicken named...Chicken!  Seri insists that's her name.

All the girls growing up.

I had two goals this summer...potty train Seri and stop her sucking her fingers.  We worked very hard at it all summer, and got neither done! /sigh This child continues to bemuse me.

As usual we did two weeks of swim lessons this summer

The kids teacher asked me to get them all goggles because they were good enough that she wanted them all doing laps.

Their teacher feels next summer they should join the swim team because they did so well.
Seri and I spent swim lesson time goofing off in the baby pool.

The girls first day outside.  They stayed clustered around our feet.

Seri trying to persuade Shelly to eat a stick.  Shelly wasn't having any! lol

Misty at her baby shower.  Her little boy, Carter, is due by c-section on Aiden's birthday!

All the cousins at the shower.
Tucker being silly waiting to tie-dye shirts.

Dad passed the time waiting to make his shirt snapping pics of his Saso.

The finished project!  The kids all loved their shirts.

Aiden and Tucker love Phineas and Ferb.  This is a LEGO version of the first episode, the roller coaster ride.

Aiden practicing with his catapult at LEGO camp.  We sent Tucker and Aiden to a one week LEGO camp.  They learned all kinds of science stuff and built some amazing things.  Tucker took his camera every day and took some great photos.
One of the projects the boys made.  Each day they made two items.
A small sampling of all the canning I did this summer. I haven't canned in 5 years and this year I did sweet and dill pickles, peaches, pears, applesauce and butter, green beans and beets.

Sick Tucker cuddling sick Seri.  Everyone but Samantha got horrible colds at the end of summer.